Our relationship, as client and psychologist, is protected by Maryland law and well as professional ethics.


I will not disclose that you are my client, or any information about you, to anyone without your written permission.  Exceptions to this are extremely rare and only in certain very specific situations such as: 

  • In the event of a clear and imminent threat to your life or the life of another person, I may be compelled to breach confidentiality in order to insure safety.
  • In the event of suspected abuse of a child or vulnerable adult, I am legally required to report this to the appropriate protective agency.

These situations are extremely rare in my practice. If such a situation arose, I would make every effort to fully discuss the options with you before taking any action.

Please contact me at 202.281.0836 or [email protected] to schedule a complimentary 20-minute consultation.  This consultation implies no obligation for either of us, but provides a chance to get a sense of whether we would enjoy working together and understand what next steps would be most helpful to you.  I realize that this is probably a stressful time for you and look forward to discussing your situation with you in more detail.

You can also request a consultation by clicking here