Rated as one of Washington DC's top therapists and one of Washington's top couples therapists, my approach is warmly interactive. In our work together, you'll receive support, insight, and useful feedback to help you truly resolve the difficulty that brought you to therapy.


All appointments are held as video sessions using a HIPAA  compliant system. 
Our conversations are ephemeral -- no recording is or can be made -- and secure.

Working with individual adults and adolescents, as well as with couples, I integrate elements from a variety of approaches and techniques as it is most helpful for you personally. With sensitivity and compassion, we will look together and better understand the life challenges with which you are coping as well as to develop a greater insight into the ways you habitually feel, view yourself and relate to others. We will then use this deepened understanding to build on your strengths to make changes in the way you feel and act on a daily basis. Ultimately, our shared goal is to help you reach your personal definition of happiness and success.


Because a good therapeutic fit is so important to ensure a positive outcome for you, I encourage you as a prospective client to schedule an initial 20-minute consultation.  It is in person, free and implies no obligation for either of us.   Together, we will talk things over to understand something about your situation, get a sense of whether we would work well together and discuss which next steps might be most helpful for you.

For more information or to schedule an in-person appointment, email me at  [email protected] .